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  • flankenking flankenking Apr 14, 2013 6:27 AM Flag

    Yelp has only 96% of the Monthly Unique Visitors of Local Corp, but the 45-fold market-cap (Market-Cap of Local Corp = 38 million, Market-Cap of Yelp = 1,720 million)

    Local Corp development of Unique Visitors:

    11/2012: 18,745,842 Monthly Unique Visitors

    12/2012: 22,738,206 Monthly Unique Visitors

    01/2013: 26,410,927 Monthly Unique Visitors

    02/2013: 24,017,605 Monthly Unique Visitors

    03/2013: 24,427,755 Monthly Unique Visitors

    An increase of 22.63% year-over-year.

    Compare with the development of Yelp's Unique Visitors:

    11/2012: 19,358,705 Monthly Unique Visitors

    12/2012: 21,017,483 Monthly Unique Visitors

    01/2013: 22,293,301 Monthly Unique Visitors

    02/2013: 21,063,155 Monthly Unique Visitors

    03/2013: 23,364,095 Monthly Unique Visitors

    An increase of 14.94% year-over-year.

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    • "We also fundamentally believe that our pattern portfolio is undervalued, so we think the value of our IP will be realized as we make progress and protecting our life under our patterns. We have a dozen patterns, three of which are in the emerging pay-per-call space, a multibillion ad revenue opportunity in mobile. We’re actively reviewing potential infringes of our pay-per-call intellectual property and expect to take action to preserve our IP raised in mobile later this year."

      Source: Transcript of Conference Call (Read the complete text on Seeking Alpha)

    • LOCM: They have no growth, negative margins, debt, and negative cashflow. maybe the market know something you dont

      • 1 Reply to nymarketwiz
      • Ignore the falsifications of criminal idiot nymarketwiz:

        First Quarter Results Highlights of Local Corp:

        “We were pleased to see revenue growth coupled with margin expansion during the quarter. Our first quarter gross margin was 28 percent, up four points from the prior quarter. In addition, we improved our liquidity by returning to positive cash flow from operations, coupled with a $5 million convertible note offering that closed in April 2013,” added Ken Cragun, Local Corporation chief financial officer.

        • Revenue – First quarter 2013 revenue of $21.8 million represents an increase of 4 percent over fourth quarter 2012 revenue of $20.9 million .

        • Adjusted EBITDA – The company reported positive Adjusted EBITDA for the first quarter 2013 of $605,000, or $0.03 per diluted share, as compared to fourth quarter 2012 negative Adjusted EBITDA of ($924,000), or ($0.04) per diluted share.

    • Consumer Properties Statistic of Local Corp

      Monthly Uniqe Visitors. Over 30 million

      Monthly Page Views:: Approximal 50 million

      Page Views per Visit: 2.5 views in the average

      Impressions: 1.2 billion

      Click Through-Rate: Up to 8x more than Industry Standard

    • Top Tips for Managing Local Ad Campaigns
      4/25/2013 - BizReport

      The online local ad spend is expected to skyrocket over the next few years as more consumers move to mobile, which offers additional targeting options for advertisers. How can brands stay abreast of new ways to target and advertise without breaking the bank?

      by Kristina Knight

      Kristina: What are some recommendations you can provide for publishers in terms of additional options for revenue and managing cost?

      Lori Chavez, Vice President of Marketing, Local Corporation: Online publishers are constantly seeking ways to manage cost, efficiency and performance of their digital sales and operations. Ideally, they should embrace a strategy focused on both driving top-level revenue and adding new tools to grow ROI. Fusion by Local helps regional media publishers optimize their online properties to drive additional incremental advertising revenue. With millions of searches conducted online every day, publishers should tap into these searches by implementing local business and local shopping directories as additional revenue streams.

      Kristina: How do solutions like business directories or syndicated multimedia content fit into the mix, for publishers?

      Lori: Local business and shopping directories help publishers to be found in more local searches by consumers. Local Corp.'s local business directory is integrated under the publisher's domain. Implementing the solution is virtually seamless as the directory requires no investment and can be deployed in less than a week.

      Kristina: What's ahead this year for Local Corporation?

      Lori: We saw record mobile, organic and total search traffic for the first quarter 2013. For the rest of the year, we will be focused on growing revenue and driving our overall performance. We're looking forward to continued success following the launch of Fusion by Local and look forward to helping our advertising partners and publishers better engage with local consumers.

    • My advice: Sell all your shares of extreme overvalued Yelp and buy for the amount shares of the extreme undervalued shares of Local Corp.

    • Local Corp better than Tripadvísor - On Flagshipsite of Local Corp at this Time: 546 Featured Activities in United States of America

      Sightseeing Tours: 157 Activities

      Transportation: 82 Activities

      Sightseeing Cruises: 70 Activities

      Theme Parks: 58 Activities

      Kayaking: 51 Activities

      Multi Attraction Pass: 48 Activities

      Dinner Cruises: 42 Activities

      Musicals & Theater: 38 Activities

    • The guidance for Yelp's revenues in 2013 ist with 211 million only the 2.2-fold of the 94 million reveneus of Local Corp, but the market-cap of Yelp ist with 1,640 million the 43-fold of the idiotic low 38 million of Lcoal Corp.

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