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  • devin1091 devin1091 Oct 29, 2013 10:05 PM Flag

    Yelp shareholders deserve what they got

    This a #$%$ company with zero ethics and integrity. I laugh at the "reviews" and their screening process. They never get it right and yet they claim they "filter" the real ones from the fakes. I own a business and I know for a fact they get about 80% wrong!! Just another dotcom on its way to zero. Keep funding this pig and take it in the #$%$ like you deserve. Btw, 20X sales?? Haha, jokes on you bag holder!! Welcome back to March of 2000...

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    • Ah, another unsuccessful trader who can't admit his failings as an "investor" and has to blame his losses on a quality company. "Deserve what they get"?? Well ok I won't sound modest but my profit is up almost 120%. I deserve what I got by believing in the company's potential and sticking with my plan.
      Where did you go wrong? Care to explain?

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      • I have no position in this stock, but have been looking at this as a potential short. If you have a 120% profit in the stock, good for you - my recommendation would be take the money and run. I have written over a dozen legitimate reviews. All but one 5 star review was filtered. None of my 1 star reviews were filtered. It appears that bad reviews are given greater weight than positive reviews in passing through the magic filter, and there is story after story on the web of small businesses with bad reviews getting sales calls from Yelp offering to help them manage their reviews. Business model (including "Elite" events) appears suspect to me, and I believe its just a matter of time until this catches up with them. Lots of people had 120% profits in tulips before the bottom dropped out. I agree this is on its way to zero in the long term (if they remain independent), but it could very well go to 100 on the way there, or be taken out by someone like Apple who would clean up their act. Shorting has too much risk, and options are too pricey. In my opinion, this isn't much more then a short term play, long or short, for the nimble momentum trader.

      • like i said before, most of the positive ratings are from friends and family. most negative reviews are from the competition down the road.

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