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  • tonyalex543 tonyalex543 May 6, 2014 9:37 PM Flag

    Only 0.0013% of Yelp listing or 78,000 out of 5, 6000,000.00 advertise, do you know why, if you don't than read this!!

    Yelp is an extortion company, a modern Mafia that use internet instead of a Gun to threaten your company to pay them or they will ruin your reputation. It’s not the matter of paying them to become a paying member which is nothing compare to amount of volume we have, but the way they force you to become a member (Bulling), is disturbing to me. I have been in construction and remodeling business for over 25 years, literally with over Thirty thousand (30,000) satisfied customers; however I don’t see 30,000 good reviews on any site for job well done. In the last couple of years my company had two bad reviews from a couple of young kids who were very demanding and rude that wanted everything next to nothing. We simply explained our company’s policy regarding deposit and procedure that is stated in our contracts for over 25 years which all those true or serious customers with integrity had not even mentioned it, none the less having problem with it, since is fair to both parties. The next thing we know these two young kids who couldn’t simply afford the things they wanted done or seen in HGTV for your home design show on TV, which we all know is not realistic, had written bunch of lies and personal insult to our employees whom are engineers, architects professionals, simply to take out their anger in life or blow their steam off by taking revenge for their failure in life…. Yelp maybe suitable for business that sell things online with no physical locations, so consumers can get an idea as to whom they are, but for established business with good reputation and physical location, is not but a pure nuisance… It’s only fair that yelp or other websites to give an option to the businesses whether they want to be on their site or not to be reviewed by someone who is the Judge, jury, prosecutor and the executioner…. I believe all the businesses must gather and create an organization to fight this unjust new-found Internet bullying by companies like Yelp.

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