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  • fankenguru fankenguru May 11, 2014 5:37 AM Flag

    Yelp extreme overvalued in compare

    Guidance of Yelp of reveneus of 365 million for 2014 are by the market-cap of 3.89 billion on Friday 10.66-times-revenues - the 28-fold valuation of every $ revenues of the idiotic low 0.38-times-revenues of Local Corp. Such a divergence will never lasting. Guidance of 107 milllion revenues and more of Local Corp are by a market-cap of only 41.1 million last Friday only 0.38-times-revenues.

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    • Local Corp entered 2014 focused on three avenues to drive long-term shareholder value:

      - growing our core business,

      - leveraging our Krillion® data technology and

      - monetizing our intellectual property.

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      • "First, we continue to see moderate growth from our core business, fueled by top line revenue expansion, driven by two factors: incremental revenue from new ad solutions launched across our extended ad network and better monetization of our traffic on our owned and operated properties."

        Source: Read the complete transcript of the conference call direct on Seeking Alpga Less

        Revenues of the core-business grew 22% from Q1/2013 to Q1/2014

        Three Months Ended March 31, Percent 2014 (*) 2013 (*) change

        Owned and operated $ 11,418 43.6 % $ 13,180 61.4 % (13.4 )%

        Network 14,762 56.4 % 8,283 38.6 % 78.2 %

        Total revenue $ 26,180 100.0 % $ 21,463 100.0 % 22.0 %

      • "To further highlight Krillion’s importance to our business, we are consolidating all of Krillion’s assets, including its IP, into its own subsidiary, which enables us to better manage and measure its performance and contribution to the overall business. How we can best derive value from the technology is important to consider, given that $1.1 trillion of in-store sales are influenced by the web."

        Source: Read the complete transcript of the last Conference Call direct on Seeking Alpha Less

        Krillions local shopping data is growing daily!

        ~120,000 retail store locations

        Over 4,300 consumer shopping categories

        Nearly 3 million localized products

        "As discussed in detail last quarter, Krillion, our patented local shopping platform, represents another avenue for accelerating our company’s growth and increasing shareholder value. Krillion enables retailers of all sizes to reach more connected consumers by providing the most accurate, current, and comprehensive local shopping data along the path to purchase.

        According to Google’s new local shopping behavior study, over 80% of smartphone and tablet users conduct local searches on their devices, with most of those searches focusing on store hours, directions, addresses, and product availability."

        Source: Read the complete transcript of the last Conference Call direct on Seeking Alpha

      • "Our third avenue of growth involves implementing a phased approach to our patent strategy. As a first step in executing that strategy, we are in the process of transferring the other 11 of our 12 issued patents into a dedicated IP holding subsidiary. We believe this structure will provide us with the most flexibility solution to leverage the value of our intellectual property, allowing us to easily license our IP, form joint ventures, spin off assets individually or as a portfolio, or execute on other strategic alternatives."

        "Source: Read the complete transciript of the last Conference Calll direct on Seeking Alpha

    • Local Corp Drive Shoppers In-Store - Not Yelp or Angies List

      Case Study: Ace Hardware Uses Mobile Tools to Drive Shoppers In-Store

      Merchant: Ace Hardware
      Location: Worldwide
      Size: 4,700 locations
      Bottom Line: Adding location-based technology to a mobile app encourages online shoppers to make purchases in-store.

      The trend toward consumers making purchases on the web isn’t slowing down — with 70% of those surveyed in 2013 reporting that they prefer shopping online — however national hardware chain Ace Hardware is doing its part to bring online shoppers back in-store. The company has recently debuted a new mobile iPhone application, meant to enhance the shopping experience and encourage customers to complete their transaction at local Ace Hardware locations.

      “It allows the consumer to find more information about what they’re standing in front of, the product they’re looking at,” says Mark Lowe, Ace’s e-commerce marketing, and digital department manager. “

      Source: Read the complete text direct at Street Fight Less

      Ace is a client of Local Corp

      A: AT&T, Ace Hardware, Ann Taylor, Apple Less

      Other clients of Local Corp:

      T: Target, Teavana, The Children's Place, Toys R Us, True Value Hardware

      W: Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Williams Sonoma, Wrangler

      P: PC Mall, Pauls Tv, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids

      R; REI, RadioShack, Restoration Hardware, Rite Aid

      S: Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, Sony Store, Sperry Top-Sider, Sur La Table

      K: Kmart, Kohls

      L: L'Occitane en Provence, Lane Bryant, Last Call by Neiman MarcusLee, Levi's, Lowe's

      M: Micro Center

      N. Nordstrom

      F: Foot Locker, Fossil, Fry's

      G: GameStop

      H: Harbor Freight; Home Depot

      I.: IKEA

      C: CVS, Carters, Catherines, Coldwater Creek, Costcocrocs

      B: Babies R Us, Bed Bath And Beyond, Best Buy, Big 5 Sporting

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      • Saturation-Effects will hurt Yelpfankenguru by fankenguru

        The business of Local Corp is more sustainable than the business of Yelp

        Yelp is bad for real consumer-products, you can it only use for restaurants and similar. But if you had found an excellent restaurant, you will ignore Yelp in the future.

        But by every buy of a new product, you want to look at the inventory and prices of some shops around you and use an offer of Local Corp, especially since Krillion was intergrated in the most offers of Local Corp.

        And therefore a rational investor will hurry with a change from extreme overvalued Yelp with the big danger of a fast saturation to the extreme undervalued Local Corp with a lot higher sustainability than Yelp.

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