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  • cigarman5k Mar 25, 2004 6:32 PM Flag


    I AM...I came in here last week with some cancer...and you were an ASSHOLE...they cut out the cancer and I'm in pretty good shape...BUT YOU'RE STILL AN ASSHOLE!!!!!!
    God, life is good.............better get my rest, I may need to dial up again in the am and ck up on you.hahahahahaha

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    • I have no sympathy with any smokers who develop cancer. You brought it on yourself.

      "They cut out the cancer" you say? They never get it all. Never.

      You need to calm down a little, you sure do a lot of whining, crying and complaining, ranting and raving.

      Your latest writing makes you sound like a self-centered, self-absorbed whiner, who is more than a little full of himself.

    • But your constant pumping of this stock day in and day out still brands you as ridiculous. Also, you must have a a rich fantasy life coming up with various trades I never made.

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      • Tech47: Cigar is a constant pumper? I'd say he's an optimist, and successful because of it. Could being in a losing money position in Agere be a reason for you to strike out at anyone who believes in this company?

        Tech47: In my judgement through a long read of your post I'd say it's fair to call you a highly negative trasher of Agere and I'll bet it comes through in other aspects of your life. I'd watch out if I were you, negativity can cause high stress which can induce cancerous cell growth. The big "C" is no laughing matter.

        Cigarman: I too wish you godspeed towards a quick recovery. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Cigar, I am sorry to hear about the condition but I know a survivor when I read one-- Keep up the positive attitude (IT MEANS ALOT!) I love the Churchillian Quote--GET WELL!