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  • c6_h12_07 c6_h12_07 Aug 2, 2004 8:14 AM Flag


    Oh ya hes no JEW, he has to have been related, look at the n0se and that long face WOW.

    Time to get the car outa the ditch BYE.

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    • Ignore, LOL I certainly hope so it's absolutely amazing that these people with room temperature IQ's even know how to start their computers let alone know the proper breathing sequence.........all they know is what their idiotic college professors, union stewards, or dumb@#$ parents have filled them up with......they have no real clue as to how the bad guys of the world think....

    • Sometimes the lies get too loud to endure. Attacks on our leaders and country that go completely unanswered result in actions by our enemies like 9/11.

      There is ignorance that's one thing, but then there is pure evil, deceit and unbrideled hatred that I cannot always ignore.

      I'm thru for now.....................

    • Sure the Ipod business is nice, but is certainly not enough volume to really have any impact on revenue.


    • Read the history books on Hitler. The exact similarity with Bush's policies is downright scary.

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      • >>Read the history books on Hitler. The exact similarity with Bush's policies is downright scary. <<

        I'm trying my best not to comment on the political messages being posted. However, in your case I must.

        This comment of yours is the most outragious, hateful and ignorant launched against an American President I've ever read or heard.
        Your total ignorance of history and disregard for the leader of the free world, no matter who it happens to be, is beyond the pale. Between you or Michael Moore, it's difficult to determine who is the more evil and ugly person.

        Your statements are not only ugly and undeserved, they also smack of the very same hatred and predigest that spawns the evil that exists from those who we are fighting against. I only can hope that someone like you who would make such comments will live to regret them. I consider you a despicable vermin, unworthy of any respect or consideration.