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  • awh1624 awh1624 Mar 3, 2009 7:47 AM Flag

    Amgen partnership?

    Anyone know how long their option is for?

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    • SCHMERTZLER MICHAEL: Declared Holdings
      21-May-09 *1,522,840 CYTK Purchase at $1.97 per share.
      (Cost of $2,999,994)
      * Indicates that some (or all) shares are held indirectly (e.g. in a trust, by a spouse, etc.)

    • It is certainly possible that the spike was due to some folks trading with inside info, its not legal, but happens all the time.

      Usually, there are a lot of parties involved in these kinds of situations, and its often people ancillary to the companies themselves that are privy to the goings-on and share and trade the info, eg - lawyers, consultants, banks, etc etc.

      On the other hand, if you look at the chart, this is a very lightly traded stock and is prone to sawtooth price movements, so who knows?

      I am confident in the drug's prospects and thus hold regardless.

      If there is a buyout of a small cap bio with a cardiac drug, it is possible we could see either AMGN-CYTK, or GILD-ARYX within months or even weeks.

    • Thanks for the response.How do you explain the sudden jump.I heard that story the trading day before the run up.We were at a strip club for lunch when he got the call.He did say the caller could get in trouble for saying what I posted.What do I care I don't know him anyhow.So I checked this stock out and actually it has some very good upside possibilities.You watch I bet some big news does come out of this rumor.I dn not want to call this a inside tip,but it seems some one has a big mouth.I hope!Latr.

    • Not possible. Insiders are blocked during periods of material events, hence those with inside knowledge as to a impending buyout cannot purchase, or conversely sell with knowledge of bad news.

    • It was a phone call from my buddy who does not play stocks but noticed I do.He said his cousin called him and advised him to invest in this company,the rest I posted.his cousin is employed somewhere in connection with this stock.I never heard of this company.

    • My only question is who are you and what kind of sources do you have?

    • Don't worry buy what you can afford to lose.This company will be taken over on a buy out,the news already has been leaked.Employees are buying shares like mad.This is not a rumor.I am not sure if it is in ink but they agreed upon it.

    • I could certainly be wrong, but I doubt that will be the case.

      Though I said "end of May," I am guessing 90 days was the option review period and depending on the exact day of the data turnover etc, it may very well be June 1 or so, thus the warrants were structured with some wiggle room.

      The pps drop on news of the warrants is a buying opportunity, because the news was a misread. In actuality, the warrants were a good move by management as a hedge in case Amgen declines, and a good deal for the investor as well.

      I think the pps drop was an incorrect reaction.

    • Perhaps it's the end of June based on the date the strike price of the warrants changes if Amgen hasn't by then exercised its option.

    • Sit tight - yea or nay by the end of May.

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