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    • I KNEW this clown biotechmd ( oh please ) would disappear.

      Another fake short.

      New ID and all.

    • If you are a medical director at Amgen, then you may be violating particular SEC regulations by posting on this message board. They seem to frown upon those with insider information trying to manipulate the market in any way. Just let those on this board speculate to their heart's content, try to make a little money, and have fun with it. Have a good day.

    • In addition to that buyout, how about this one:

      I find it hard to believe that an Amgen medical director is going to spend time posting here, particularly with such faulty information about the Company's buyout history.

    • So am I real or not????? I am a scary fake I guess. Gosh I went and stated facts in the public record. Scary.

    • Stimulus he is either a scared short or a fool about to lose his career for his stupid indiscretions. Either way he is screwed.

    • IF ( a huge IF ) you are a medical director at Amgen you are going to be fired in the next few weeks.

      WHY? posting on a message board of a partner about the companies possible relationship with Amgen is agaainst company rules for certain ( confidentiality for one ) and when they find you via your IP address you will not receive the customary friendly goodbye package you will get the 3 security guard escort out on your arse.


      I am cutting and pasting your messages and sending them to IR at Amgen AND Cytokinetics and additionally sending them to their internal lawyers.

      No matter what you know, your gross disregard for confidentiality and performing your activities after hours in an honest and ethical way is about to ruin your dumb arse career.

      I bet after you read this you are too scared to post another stinking word here.

      Idiot, have a nice life on the unemployment dole.

    • Look Friend:

      Go ahead then and buy some more CYTK. I know that I cannot prove my identity to you. How could I forget out lovely aquisition of Vectibix which was happening when I started. And you are right that we bought Immunex (Embrel) several years before.Those are the two exceptions; the preference is to buy promising compounds with compelling Phase II data.

      Amgen will not buy CYTK. Their breast cancer franchise is dead since GSK did not exercise their option. A company of their size and lack of appropriate infrastructure simply cannot do a Phase III study without a partner.

      I do not think that there is enough data regarding the skeletal muscle franchise to value Cytokinetics at this time. I do not deny that the skeletal muscle franchise is interesting but it is all Phase I. It may eventually pan out and they do have a stream of money coming in from us to continue this work. I think even 2015 is way too soon (Wedbush target). The FDA bar for first in class compounds is high. We'll be lucky to have Omecantiv on the market by then.

      In the end, the stock price has nothing to do with the outlook at this point. Just sentiment.

      I honestly do not have a position although I may take a short position if CYTK cannot close above the 200 week moving average which is currently at 5.03.

      Good luck to you.

    • Hey biotech"md". Working at Amgen as a medical director for past 5 years huh? You don't recall the late 2005 buyout of Abgenix? (the whole company) How could you have "missed" that?

      "Amgen shares were higher this week, after the biotech titan announced plans to acquire cancer-drug partner Abgenix (nasdaq: ABGX - news - people ). Amgen said it will buy the smaller Fremont, Calif.-based biotech firm for $2.2 billion in cash, a 54% premium, and will assume debt estimated at about $500 million"

      I aslo recall Amgen acquiring Immunex for 16 billion in 2001. i believe I recall these companies were experiencing buyout rumors BEFORE it happened.

      I repeat, I don't believe many buy biotechs based on buyout rumors. But your understanding of this is not gelling. Nor do I believe you have a good understanding of where Cytokinetics stands in its development, or in its valuation. You wouldn't happen to be a paniced short trader would you? ;-)

    • Yes, I am a medical director at Amgen. And yes, GSK dropped the project as soon as the phase II data came out. That's the kind of press release that is given in that situation. No other pharma company is going to go in and take on something that GSK has dropped. And Cytokinetics does not have the resources to conduct a Phase III study on its own.

      I have been at Amgen for 5 years now, As far as I know, Amgen has never bought another company. We are committed to buying promising compounds as we did in our heart failure collaboration with Cytokinetics.

      This is the only source of revenue that Cytokinetics will have in the near future.

      Try to find an example of a company who was bought out with only a couple of drugs in Phase I. Do you have any idea how few drugs in Phase I make it to market?

      Oh well, I'm done. Reminds me of my anatomy professor back in medical school who used to say: "trying to teach you students embryology is like throwing pearls before swine."

      Go ahead believe what you want.

    • I'm in this board because I want to exchange ideas about CYTK. I'm long because CYTK is the best company I found to put my money in.

      Now, let me ask why are you in this board? New user?, only 3 posts?, all in CYTK?, all of them in one day?.

      "Medical director with Amgen" .... lol. Medical director of shorties I would say. Big hands are only playing with you shorties. Goes to $5 and back, $5 again and back, $5 again ... wants to make you believe the $5 physicological resistance will hold. Happened @ $3. Better cover, and best, go long.

      From your own post:
      "Now that GSK has decided not to proceed with ispinesib or SB-743921, Robert I. Blum, Cytokinetics’ president and CEO, informs that they “are committed to advancing these two drug candidates through to the end of Phase I and will then evaluate the next steps for ispinesib and SB-743921 in context of the results, required funding, and other partnering possibilities.”

      If GSK changes it's portfolio focus and wants to lower their participation on ispinesib, so what? CYTK is commited to advance through the end of phase I and then evaluate partners for this product.

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