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  • biotechboygenius biotechboygenius Dec 12, 2010 6:40 PM Flag

    Trial results were disappointing...

    Definitely disappointed with today's results. Was hoping for higher response rate but maybe they'll have better look in their next dosing study.

    IMO, CYTK will trade down tomorrow on the news especially since the dosing studying will push back late stage trials another 6-12 months. GLTY

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    • Bio: I appreciate your comments. I've been a pharma scientist developing drugs for 25 years, and am unsure why you expect so much from a single dose EoE study...could you provide us with some references to the comparisons you are making? Were they multiple dose PII studies? That's what was coming next for CYTK regardless of the EoE results, so I also don't understand your comment about an alleged delay. It's an extremely rare and risky strategy to go straight from single dose study to pivotal PIII.

      I welcome links to your reference studies, so we can discuss further.


    • You got it right. This guy either has no clue or a pathetic short and is now worried to be on the wrong side now with such positive
      result. There is always reasons to hold a cc on Monday morning. Excellent news is coming.

    • Do you have a link for the trials being pushed back?

    • Because everyone started attacking me. As you can see in my first post I was just reporting about the trial results. And then all the $heff followers start attacking me even though they don't even understand the trial design.

    • Look at your new ID, Dew! You call yourself Genius??? LOL

    • Biotechboy. If you do not hold any shares of CYTK, why do you spend your time here?

    • I have never seen anyone care so much and give so much opinion and "comment" on a stock that he has no interest in (long or short). You have been been commenting since the news came out. What is your point? First off, this is a single dose trial! dose? Not everyone is going to respond to one dose. Have you ever gone to the doctor to go on an antibiotic for an infection and just received one pill? If anything, showing results after just one dose is remarkable for a disease that has no other current treatments available. You are one of those insecure talkers...we deal with them all the time. Do we listen? Yes, we do because we are curious. Do we care? No, we don't care. The fact of the matter is this is good news for CYTK and this is just the beginning with their pipeline. There are big things to come with company and I going to think of you after every dollar I make. This company has big potential and has traded well above the $3 dollar mark. Enjoy watching the climb.

    • <<The results were outstanding for a single dose study>> What was so outstanding about the single dose study? It showed nothing but some participants self-assessed themselves as "better". No clinical measurement tools were used to measure anything. They could have received the same result if they gave regular people the same drug vs. patients with ALS. I bet if you gave the same participants morphine or some other pain killer instead you would have had a similar result. Nothing about the trial was outstanding except CYTK's management's ability to get average retail investors to believe the trial was some great achievement.

      IMHO, CYTK trades 5-8% lower tomorrow.

    • robert.thies Dec 12, 2010 11:00 PM Flag are fooling yourself if you think there is not going to be a positive pop tomorrow. morning. The results were outstanding for a single dose study. The dizziness does concern me as I have seen many hopes in dreams in biotech go down in a ball of flames with dizziness problems..... But overall, I think we get a nice pop tomorrow morning as we hear what plans are being made for multi dose testing...

      Looking forward to the premarket action.

    • You sound like one of $heff's moron moderator's.

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