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  • ltxclover ltxclover Feb 9, 2011 2:23 PM Flag

    News today but this board is quiet

    Options players are willing to pay 2.80 per share for this stock in commissions which are higher than regular stock trade.....that's 30 cents for the call and 2.50 for the share

    I'm going to try to get 3k more at 1.83

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    • so you honeslty dont think that people are selling becasue they know bad news is coming out next week? as we are now down at $1.80, does not make sense to me if people are expecting good news. there is always price manipulation but not this close to apparent good news.

    • thats all fine and fair guys but i have also been trading for awhile, bio ans non bio and from my experience there is usually some momentum leading up to earnings/trial updates etc if all is expected to be positive. here, we have went in the opposite direction. that is what scares me, and you say be patient, well i agree that pateince is key but this stock is getting ridiculous by staying at such levels for such aperiod of time.

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      • I agree Joe..
        The Market (or an individual equity) can stay irrational longer then we can stay rational, is the old saying...
        I agree the stock should be trading better on the back of that PR but I think bio sector is unfavorable in general at the moment. I believe many investors think it's becoming more difficult to gain FDA approvals and also don't want to put fresh money to work in phase II trials..
        If you want to try to catch then bottom of a huge move you have to wait around in the doldrums. Look at HGSI and DNDN they followed the same pattern. They also have something else in common with CYTK, their pipeline is focused on specific area/disease where there is no drug to market, no cure, no help at the moment..
        Logically speaking the FDA is more open to the idea of approving these types of drugs as opposed to weight loss, redundant 3rd line cancer drugs and other areas which are dragging the sector down.

    • They are only willing to pay 2.80 if the price hits 2.50. the volume today risks 3000 dollars, that is all the risk taken, for the right to buy 10,000 shares.

    • Man, this is a POS.

    • why after all this time, we finally get some news yet it slides even lower. my frustarattion with this stock is mounting! if there is no bounce monday, i am out.

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      • In the institutional world , we call that capitulation!! When I hear you say that I get very excited for what's around the corner.... I love all of the mounting frustration and fear that's a great sign!!! It's when the most money is made! I'm trying to help you Joe, I can tell you I'm playing with (SMART) money here. You'll be rewarded in time.
        Patience is a truly a virtue in the world of small bio tech's....

      • Joe, don't be an average investor. Wait until Thursday.....conference call from investors' conference. Later that day is earnings announcement.

        I you've GOT to get out, the best time, IMHO, would be after the first and before the second.

        There's a LOT of good news here, and a heckuva technical base built. I'm not an expert on biotech or pharma, but I've been trading a LONG time. (over 40 years) Don't sell at the week is the catalyst.

        Whatever you do, good luck

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