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  • glenquagmire75 glenquagmire75 Oct 17, 2012 7:40 PM Flag

    $23.59 if valuation is only 2x most conservative projected annual sales...

    ...of 300M, per Lazard today. if you only give a two times multiple of annual sales of 300 million, so a market cap of 600 million, that takes us to $23.59.

    Feeling very, very good right here at these levels. This thing pops and stays over $20, easily, by end of this week (and quite possibly by the end of AH trading tonight...). Reality will set in soon enough, so be patient longs. Right now the stock is on sale and won't be much longer.

    Looking forward to the forthcoming upgrades and raised price targets...

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    • I never pass up an opportunity to say "I told you so", so, in connection with my above statement -- about upgrades and raised price targets, I give you a headline from today:

      "Aegerion price target raised to $30 from $19 at Deutsche Bank"

      lube up short sellers.....bwahahahaaha

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    • This company is in great shape. Only 10 mill in debt, 90 mill net of debt in cash (3.50/share), and only 487 mill valuation. $400 mill valuation net of the cash and debt. ISIS's Mipomersen at 100 weeks in an extended study had 5% hepatic fat and lomitapide had about 8% after 78 weeks, but the latter drug had a 58% larger reduction in LDL cholesterol (38% versus 24% for the ISIS drug) and had none of the cancer concerns. For a patient with this disease, a 58% higher reduction in bad cholesterol is HUGE. I now believe what a seekingalpha poster reported, that endocrinologists would prescribe Lopitamide over Mipomersen 2.5 to 1. Which makes AEGR a buyout candidate for this and related drugs alone, as AEGR is essentially a one-trick pony. I think a buyout price might be in the $800-900 mill range, or $30-35/share. Just my two cents.

    • Haha how many rookies are in this stock? Never heard of discounted market projection have we. Man if approvals meant bio companies become instantly valued by some obscure multiple of their total market projection, I'd already be a millionaire.

    • Covered at 18.70 AH (my trade of 480). Still short 520 shares at 18.90. Going to make some money tomorrow.

    • tomorrow's price action will speak for itself and silence the foolish shorts. according to them, bad news is bad news and good news is bad news. ridiculous. reality is so difficult for them today....

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