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  • faosto faosto Nov 9, 2012 10:46 PM Flag

    No hope for any stocks, Obama re-elected.

    Are you kidding? The market has been at record levels for most of this year! No hope for any stocks? Do people not think anymore?

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    • Record levels as people had hope that the nightmare was ending.
      Now they realize we have four more years of it.
      Yet still, record levels that were (and still are) artificially inflated by QE1, QE2, QE3, and the almost limitless supply of money that Obama keeps directing the FED to inject into the economy to artificially sustain it. Like the drug addicted kid who can't pay his credit card bills that financed his drug habit, so he keeps taking out new credit cards to pay for the ones that are overdue. Sure it keeps things at bay for a moment, but the catastrophic consequences keep increasing each irresponsible day that we continue down this path of reckless spending.

      So now the election is over & the American people were again fooled into voting for a guy because he was black, and voting against a rich white guy- because he was rich and white. Racism and hatred thrive in America today, they are just now harnessed to help the Democratic Party gain and hold power.

      So now this country will continue to be led by a man who has never held a job that was paid for by anything other than taxpayer money.
      Who as a Senator never created a single piece of legislation.
      Who never stared or ran a single business.
      Who never created a single job.
      Who berated Bush for reckless spending by running up the debt in 8 years, then ran it up DOUBLE that amount in only 4 years.
      Who blamed Bush for the terrible mess he inherited last time...
      Who has only himself to blame for the infinitely worse mess he inherited this time.

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