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  • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise Apr 29, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    Forbes writer tries to spin the results on the AMGN drug

    Laughable article by the Forbes writer who is desperately trying to spin the data another way. He claims that the AMGN drug might not work at all for HoFH then later claimed that the AMGN might not be used for ALL the HoFH patients. Huh? In the 5th paragraph he says the AMGN drug might not work at all for HoFH patients:

    "That’s because blocking PCSK9 lowers cholesterol by blocking the LDL cell receptor, which sucks cholesterol out of the blood. HoFH patients have high cholesterol because their LDL receptors don’t work. So it was unclear whether a PCSK9 drug would do anything for HoFH patients."

    Then a few paragraphs later he claims "It’s certainly true that Amgen’s drug might not be used for all HoFH patients, ".

    Really? Might not be used for ALL HoFH patients?
    How many doctors will risk the life of their patient on a drug (like AMGNs) that isn't likely to work.
    Talk about a lawsuit ready to happen.

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