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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich May 23, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

    AEGR drug 2.5x more effective than Amgen drug

    Robyn Karnauskas at Deutsche Bank issued a note saying that because Amgen’s PCSK9 shot lowered LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol by only 19%, compared to 50% for Juxtapid, that Amgen’s drug would not be competitive with Aegerion’s.

    Further, it wasn’t clear that Amgen’s PCSK9 drug would even work in the patients with the rare genetic disease that Juxtapid treats, called homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia or HoFH . That’s because blocking PCSK9 lowers cholesterol by blocking turning up the LDL cell receptor, which sucks cholesterol out of the blood. HoFH patients have high cholesterol because their LDL receptors don’t work. So it was unclear whether a PCSK9 drug would do anything for HoFH patients.

    So the Amgen drug may not do anything whatsoever for HoFH patients.
    Kynmaro is even less effective and has liver toxicity issues that make it unsafe.

    Game, Set, Match: Juxtapid (lomitapide)

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    • Juxtapid is safer and more effective than any other drug on the market.
      No other viable treatments means no competition.

    • I don't think you get it or ever will. You guys make it like juxta is liver safe. When in fact it really has more liver issues than Kynmaro. MTP inhibitors inherently have more liver issues than Kynmaro. In the juxta studies they had three patients that had liver enzymes that went over 11 times normal limits. It was the tenets of the study that allowed those patients to have their med held and allowed back into the study at a lower dose that didn't reveal the true juxta. Also, remember that there is fatty infiltration of the small intestine with juxta, a characteristic that Kynmaro doesn't have. I'll throw one other curve ball at you......strong rumor has it that there is a 40% quit rate with juxta. Why will AEGR from now on not make numbers public? Are they afraid of Kynmaro when previously they weren't and were self-declared winners. Watch for what I said. I also would worry about patent losses country by country when you have a flimsy numbers/dosing patent holding back competitors. You also have the risk of the black market with such an easy med to make with such a high price. Bootleg Viagra sold on the street for 50 bucks a pill, someone could manufacture this drug in a far away island, cut the price and still make huge profits. And the mission statement kills me. In the business of treating orphan diseasesss, there is only one orphan disease in the foreseeable future, that being five year or more if the company survives that long. $1300 to $6000 whatever one one med with one patent with one drug in the pipeline to treat one disease going for 2700 price to sales ratio. Wow! t

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      • Censored, thanks for bring back your retro alias. You should bring back AdamWang too.

        Your attempt at spreading misinformation in a blatant attempt to mislead people has failed. All the data is still out there and you can be disproved by a few mouse clicks. The true dropout rate is in the low single digits, but you already knew that didn't you. There is no rumor, except the one you are trying to start, but be careful because you can still be held liable for spreading false or misleading information even if you aren't trading on it.

        Your Kynmaro argument is a joke. Juxtapid is far safer and is much better tolerated, and that is well documented & old news.

        As for liver toxicity, that is known, but beats dying by a long shot, especially when it can be easily controlled by dietary adjustments. Oh, you didn't know that part did you? The problems with the liver enzymes were dietary related and when the diet was adjusted, the issue went away. This is why AEGR patient care reps work with patients to work out the diet. You really don't do any homework at all do you?

        Black market? You're joking. You live in a fantasy land where pot-heads on some fictions "far away island" can reverse engineer the chemical compound then sell it in back alleys. The obvious problem is that real patients have real doctors and real Insurance & none of that is going to back alleys. If the patient can't get insurance to pay for it, then they get it for free, so there is no black market opportunity. The black market opportunity for Viagra exists because of the large population who want it. i thought you still held to your wiki-bible that said only 300 patients in the U.S.? that isn't much of a black market. Sheesh, your lies are so very easy to expose.

        You should go back to your cr

        The patient numbers are up, the revenue numbers exceeded even your worst nightmare, and now you have resorted to attempting to make up lies to try to drag the stock down. You are a very sad poor excuse for a person

    • The efficacy is only surpassed by its safety profile. Go AEGR Go!

    • Safe & Effective. Go AEGR Go!

    • AEGR is more safe as well as more effective.

    • Better safety and more effective makes it the premiere choice for doctors and patients alike.

    • Safe AND effective, plus an ever growing number of patients now that there is a treatment - watch the numbers grow.

    • You will find out that it is juxta that has even more problems with liver issues than Mipo. This drug isn't just a big friendly brother to statins, the liver issue for juxta is real and high risk. Three patients out of their 29 had liver enzymes that exceeded 11 times normal during their minimialist trial. t

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      • 3 out of 29, so roughly 10.345%?
        If you are facing certain death, vs a 10% chance of liver enzyme elevation at can be controlled/corrected by other meds, then it isn't an issue.

        You keep throwing up these bogus ideas acting as if they are huge problems, when they are not. Nobody ever said Juxtapid was a perfect drug, but it DOES save lives, it IS effective (2x as effective as the only competitor), and the side effects are easily mitigated with co-medication.

    • SAFER
      MORE convenient
      MORE effective

      slam dunk case.

    • More effective means more $$$ revenue.

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