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  • censored50 censored50 Jun 6, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    Math Problem Corrected...


    Per wiki homozygous FH is much rarer, occurring in 1 in a million births.[1] (than Heterozygous FH statistic stated earlier, occurring in 1:500 people in most countries)
    Sooo, correcting the math
    With and Without Insurance AEGR Prescriptions in the USA
    It you make the assumption that everyone in the USA afflicted with the disease, insured and NOT, will get the AEGR’s annual 300K prescription (in the face of competition that offers treatment at a third the cost), you’ve got approx 310 patients (in line w/ FDA estimate).
    If you make the assumption the insurance companies won’t cover it, commie care inclusive.
    1.4 million Americans make more'n 344K year (the top 1% of people who filed returns in 1999 per IRS statistics).
    So 1.4 million make enough money to pay for the annual prescription, and 1 in a million are afflicted with HoFH, meaning if statistics were actuals and people were divisible 1.4 Americans who make enough money are afflicted with HoFH, so of the 310 potential patients in the USA, 1 to 2 Americans can actually afford it out of pocket.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • There you go. There is your problem. You go to Wiki for your medical advice and Yahoo anonymous stock message boards for your investing advice.

      Your flawed math stems from your limiting the patient population to those that can afford treatment out of pocket. By that logic, nobody would ever go to the ER because a hospital stay runs several thousand dollars a day.

      See, the part that you miss is, there's this new thing called INSURANCE. The good company AEGR negotiated the treatment costs with the insurance carriers and now more than 30 have pre-approved it and included it in their plans. Not only that, wait, there's more, NOBODY has been denied YET for treatment on Juxtapid by an insurance plan.

      Gasp. It is a VAST conspiracy that now includes the insurance companies, the government, Wall Street, and YOU (since you didn't do your due diligence to notice 97% insider+institutional ownership; you are part of the problem and part of the conspiracy).

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