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  • censored50 censored50 Jun 7, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Running the Math with Euros


    Population 316,668,567 (USA July 2013 est.), 503,824,373 (EU July 2012 est.)

    Per wiki, 1 in a million are born with HoFH

    That means 317 potential patients in the USA and 504 potential patients from the EU, Total of 821.

    Course it doesn’t take into account treatment alternatives, competition, or cost…

    Per 2009 IRS Tax Statistics the income cutoff for the top 1% of income tax filers 1.4 million people was $344K…statistically meaning roughly half of one percent (0.0044) of Americans could statistically afford the prescription out of pocket. We’re all socialists now lamestream proclamation but we’re later to the party, accordingly we’re still more prosperous. Applying income per capita ratio looks like 0.0031 of euros could statistically afford the prescription…let’s just say 0.4 percent of population across the board as applied to USA and Euro Patients could, if they wanted, afford the prescription out of pocket.
    Income per Capita, $49,800 (USA 2012 est.), $34,500 (EU 2012 est.)

    So if our glorious government healthcare doesn’t cover the AEGR prescription and won't subsidize AEGR, as solandra, Government Motors, AIG, etc, those in the afflicted sample able to afford it out of pocket amounts to three or four people, whether or not they CHOOSE to afford it, is another story.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • You can run the math using Rubles or Monopoly money, but as long as you keep using your outdated 2003/1973 Wiki reference, you are lost.

    • You cite Wiki's likelihood of HoFH yet you completely ignore that there are 3,000 CONFIRMED, DIAGNOSED, TESTED HoFH patients in the USA alone. That 3,000 number has been verified and cross checked numerous times by various organizations including the CDC and others. Yet you ignore multiple sources of confirming numbers and cling to the one single anonymous online encyclopedia reference.

      Then you continue to ignore that people HAVE INSURANCE. Back in 2009 the Census showed 84% of Americans had insurance. Since Obamacare that was projected to be above 95%. Yet you continue to pretend that nobody has insurance.

      No wonder you lost your 100 share short position, you ignore massive amounts of easily available data and cling to misinformation (Wiki) and ignore facts (people have Insurance).

    • Using an inaccurate reference like Wiki over and over again doesn't make it any better.
      It is still wrong. You still lost money no matter how many times you reference Wiki.

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