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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Jun 21, 2013 12:29 AM Flag

    # of HoFH patients in US is 3,000+ vs. wiki 2003/1973 reference of 300

    Censored shorted because he read a Wiki article saying that the occurrence of HoFH was one in a million, so he figured with 300M in the US then there could only be 300 with HoFH. However, he never bothered to check his references as most of us were taught in Day 1 of High School and reinforced in college, because Wiki provides a direct link to that source, a 2003 article, which lists inits sources studies dating back to 1973.

    So now fast forward to TheStreet article that had the CEO reiterate that AEGR has 1,500 US patients ALREADY IDENTIFIED AND REGISTERED. Yahoo doesn't allow links, so just search for:
    "aegerion agreement with insurers on pricing"

    You will see many hits including TheStreet (who is anti-AEGR) which was #5 on my Google search - (1/30/2013 at 6:15am EST) with the following statistic from an interview with the CEO:

    "The company has 1,500 HoFH patients in the U.S. in its Juxtapid patient tracker database and believes there may be as many as 3,000 HoFH patients in the U.S."

    I stumbled on this because Censored, I mean JetBashMan couldn't seem to find anything in wiki, I mean, on the Internet, about insurance coverage for Juxtapid, so I did it for him.

    So anyway, this data was out there, on the Internet, long before Censored lost his life savings shorting AEGR. Just goes to show you that even a few seconds of searching can be very valuable. Hey, maybe we should rephrase that old saying:
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
    To be
    A few seconds of searching can prevent a lifetime of whining (losing in a short).

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