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  • censored50 censored50 Jul 10, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    Yasser’s Blowing It Out His Rear


    Yasser’s using the CEO Pumpers guesstimate of 15,000 afflicted with HoFH worldwide. What he doesn’t mention is affordability index…based on 2009 IRS statistics one in two hundred Americans could (if they chose) afford a 300K annual prescription. Course we’re more affluent than most in the world, USA GDP per capita is $49,800 (2012 est.), World GDP per capita is $12,400 (2012 est.), accordingly you’d have to assume a smaller ratio of those able to afford the prescription, assuming one in a thousand (probably still too high) of those afflicted are able to afford the prescription and choose it over less expensive treatments, you’ve a grand total of 15 customers, and 4.5 million in annual revenue.

    You can likewise apply same 1/1000 factor to Yasser’s BS valuations.

    PS: CommieCare won’t cover it, not with less expensive options available, not when they can hire six EEOP/affirmative action navigators with the same money.

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    • And you are right behind me catching it all in your face.
      Just how much did you lose on your short position?
      Is it true you are completely wiped out now?

      Oh, and about your post. There is this new thing, its called INSURANCE and AEGR already got approval for 98% of the insured population and its covered under their policies. Do some homework for a change and you won't always look like such a fool.

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