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  • censored50 censored50 Jul 16, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    The Fix Is In AEGR


    Built into the price, the insider/institution/fund crooks who wholly own the stock have quietly bumped the price 20 points in the last three weeks. They'd already pushed the price beyond the realm of reason, the only demand at these levels is manufactured demand, that is FORCED demand, regularly fleecing/looting the short interest attracted to overvalued stocks.

    One of the characteristics of stocks FIXED is a very high ratio of insider/institution/fund ownership, pushing prices beyond demand entails covering sales from those taking profits.

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    • Or, it could simply be that the institutional investors see an emerging value that you do not. The rise in Google, Intuitive Surgical, Merck, Pfizer, and many others occurred long before the sales hit. The stocks rose in anticipation of the market emerging. Such is the case with Aegerion.

      There is speculation throughout the market always. It is exactly this speculation that provides the liquidity for the markets to function. You speculated when you initiated your short position. Others speculated when they initiated their long position. The stock price of any company rarely reflects the net present value. Instead it reflects the future value of the company. Until such time that the future value changes you can expect the trend to continue.

      With analyst estimates ranging from$88-$112/share, trading below $80 shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. If the company comes in with solid revenue growth and continues with a favorable outlook then we should fully expect those analyst price estimates to be revised upward. This is the nature of the stock market,

      You can argue all you want that the wind is blowing the wrong way, or that it holds you back, but the wind still remains. Alternatively, you can recognize that the wind is blowing differently than what you wanted and adjust your sails accordingly. If you don't adjust, then you have only yourself to blame.

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