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  • censored53 censored53 Jul 31, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

    AEGR Prescrption for Bankruptcy (Drug or Stock)


    This stock has become li'l more than a tool for the insiders/institutions/funds who pretty much own the float outright to shovel shares back and forth to bump the price in order to trap and loot short sellers. the numbers don't add up. No one is applying affordability to the equation. The CEO guesstimates 15,000 afflicted with HoFH worldwide (more'n double the FDA estimate of one in a million). Based upon 2009 IRS statistics roughly one in two hundred Americans could (if they chose) afford a 300K prescription, course we’re more affluent than most in the world, USA GDP per capita is $49,800 (2012 est.), World GDP per capita is $12,400 (2012 est.), accordingly you’d have to assume a much smaller ratio able to afford it on a worldwide basis, assuming one in a thousand (probably still far too high) persons could afford the prescription (and choose it over less expensive treatments), you’d have a grand total of 15 customers and 4.5 million in annual revenue....

    revenue numbers per their NEGATIVE earnings release (losses increased BTW), still don't add up per their latest release of prescriptions, not unless they're heavily subsidized and/or giving it away..."Aegerion said 215 patients are taking Juxtapid right now, and 463 prescriptions for the drug have been written."...if they were charging full price...215 patients x 295K / 4 Quarters = 15.386 million...they claimed revenue from juxtapid of 6.5 million. I think they're playing games with the books.

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    • you really don't get the whole math thing do you? A week ago you were claiming they would never get to the numbers they posted (audited numbers too mind you). Now you pretend it doesn't add up. Maybe to you, but I can explain it to any 1st grader, it is RAMPING UP. They HAD 75 patients, NOW 215. Not all the new patients started up all at the same time on day 1 of the quarter. They came on board sequentially over time.

      Why do I waste my time with a broken, bitter shell excuse for a human who refuses to learn.
      No wonder you lost it all.

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