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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Aug 20, 2013 7:13 AM Flag

    Censored blatantly attempting to mislead - LIAR

    Censored's portrayal of the CEO & CFO exercising options and selling those shares, as them "bailing out of the company" is just his latest blatant attempt to mislead people and harm shareholders. While previously he has pretended to be a burned short who was out to warn other shorts to stay away from a manipulated situation (even though he admitted he would never take stock advice from an anonymous stock message board and yet he spends all his time GIVING advice on the very same anonymous stock message board) his true intentions are revealed as he misrepresents the truth.

    He characterized the standard option exercising & sale, as a major event, and that the top 2 corporate officers were "bailing". There is no way such a false-alarmist tactic could, in any way, be broadcast in his false pretense to want shorts to stay away. If anything, it would have done the opposite. It would have sucked in the most naive, uninformed, foolish short seller into precisely the situation he has been pretending to warn them against.

    The bottom line is the guy is a hate-filled loser who hates all things related to AEGR and is bitter over his losses from his short sale where he never bothered to check his references or do his DD. He only looked it up on Wiki, by his own admission, without checking the underlying references, to see the data was based on a 2003 article which used underlying references dating back to 1970.

    He claims to have lost his entire retirement savings on his short sale, but you can't short shares in a retirement account. Then he lies about patient treatment costs, pretending that nobody has insurance, when insurers for 98% of the insured have already agreed to cover, now he is further bashing based on a standard stock option exercising by corporate officers. The guy is a complete loser and a hate-filled lunatic.

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