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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Sep 18, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    Stock slide MUST be manipulation

    Since there is no reason for the 15% decline, then by Censored's reasoning, it can only be market manipulation. Otherwise, if he maintains that it never should have gone that high ($97) then he has to allow for the counter-argument that it should never be this low.

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    • I personally believe that the upward movement from a stock that has only one drug in the pipeline was manipulation to the upside. Also, believe that a lot of the media news was manipulation to the upside. You have a company that has really only one drug in the pipeline. They bought a second drug for the pipeline to keep out competitors. They have potentially a lot of competition even if it isn't totally direct. You have PCSK9 inhibitors, you have competition from ISIS which could offer their drug Mipomersen, and their new ApoC III inhibitor for a lower price TOGETHER than just the one price for juxta, you have the possibility of someone activating one of the other MTP inhibitors and doing the same sloppy research data as juxta and getting an approval, you have countries that will produce it and not pay AEGR like with HIV drugs about ten years ago, you have the possibliity of boot legging the drug for overseas to cut costs with a black market, you have the possibility of the patent......flimsy at best....not holding up in court, you have the possibility of the development of GiST tumors or some other untoward AE due to the very small sample size and this could not be detected. IMO the share price is worth about $60 per share which could still be considered overvalued as that would still be five times the original offering price. t

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