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  • hankmanoo hankmanoo Oct 20, 2013 10:44 PM Flag

    Score: PLI UP 300% vs AEGR DOWN 20%

    That is aprox what has happened over the last several months. Your loss bigtime if you did not look into PLI when I posted about it. It is still not too late as PLI remains red hot into the forseeable future while AEGR is already bubbelish.

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    • You mean PLI.TO that just this morning announced a dilutive secondary offering of another 22M shares at $0.90/share cutting current shares by 10%+ and already 490 MILLION shares outstanding? Geez. That's a LOT of shares. Looks ugly especially when apparently the only way they can get anybody to buy their stock is to have you spam the message boards. Pathetic.

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      • You obviously do not know anything about PLI. Their rise in the last few months has been meteoric as I oredicted on the fundamentals of which you are also ignorant. Yes they wanted another $20M so that they could retain more of the future profits for shareholders and not give it away to partners. It was the meteoric rise that caused the shares to go up anothe 11 cents on the day they signed the financing. You will also note that the stock is already back to 99 cents well above the 90 cents of the financing and will shortly regain that one day loss and continue its rise very rapidly as more NRs are released over the next few moonths - lots of things sre happenning on many fronts. Check it out. Futhermore the dilution you speak of is very minor only about 4% - all the major dilution has already occurred long ago and the recent increases have taken place despite that since it is a great deal even with all the outsanding shares. Do some homework before you comment in the future!

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