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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Nov 7, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    Arthur - no position in the stock at all, just hatred/bitterness over his short at $15

    Arthur has no position whatsoever, by his own admission - and is here out of pure hatred & bitterness over his catastrophic losses on his short position from $15/share that he covered at $60-$70/share.

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    • I love how yassen_gregorivich is always trying to convince people to buy this stock, with his ridiculous revenue estimates, bizarre price targets ($1500??). Yet he has nothing to say about how the insiders are selling as fast as they possibly can.

      How much are you being paid to pump this stock yassen?

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      • Stop Lying Arthur/Censored/Pvance/Jetmanbash. Insiders are only EXERCISING OPTIONS, not selling any of their holdings, that is actually on the increase despite your lies.

        I'm not ever trying to convince ANYBODY to buy this stock. I simply believe it in and share the information that I have come up with, that I used to make my buy decision. YOU are the one trying to beg people to sell, after having lost your life savings on your short position (or so you claim).

        Stop the lies and get into therapy - you really need it.

      • Us believers like you and me we don't have to worry because it is almost a sure thing for the price to reach 1600 when there are 15000 patients in the world that could be on the drug. We really could all make like the army ranger said like 6500 and all we really want is 1600. Let others get the greed, I'll just take my 1600 and quietly move on to another outstanding easy money investment. t

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