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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Dec 22, 2013 11:31 AM Flag

    AEGR cures HoFH but not Jetmanbash of bitterness hatred

    Jetmanbash, AKA AdamWang, AKA Censored, and a host of other suspended IDs, can't be cured of his bitterness and hatred.

    He is here for one purpose and one purpose only, because he is angry and bitter at HIMSELF for not doing any DD at all. You see, he put his life savings, all his retirement, etc. On a single short play, against AEGR back at $15/share and was forced to cover at $60 leaving him broke. Now he wants to blame anybody but himself. Even though he was the one who ignored all investing principles of diversification, checking your sources, doing due diligence, doing homework etc., and instead based all his investment on a Wiki entry (that free encyclopedia where ANYBODY can make an entry) - which hand a 2003 article based on research that went back to 1970 predicting the chances of getting HoFH were 1:1M. So grossly outdated information. Maybe he looked it up on his 1970 computer as he drove his 1970 Pinto to his 1970 grass concert to protest the war in Vietnam. He is way outdated. But since he has no personal responsibility, he wants the government to take the blame for his actions, or the company, or anybody else.

    Blame Obama & the SEC because the whole stock market is a manipulated scam.
    Blame the Fund Managers who bout into this company, realizing the value.
    Blame the market makers for responding to the buying pressure and letting the share price go up.
    Blame the institutional investors for having more money than he did & being smarter.
    Blame me on this board for clicking 3-links to show how easy it was to check the data.
    Blame the company because their hard data doesn't agree with his 2003 Wiki article based on 1970 research.
    Blame Yahoo for disabling his IDs that he uses to annoy other people on the boards.
    Blame the CEO of AEGR for being successful and helping people.
    -- after all, Jetmanbash has never created a life saving medicine for children! never created hundreds of jobs for people in an emerging field! never created billions of wealth ...

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