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  • arthurs1 arthurs1 Jan 9, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    If the DOJ files charges and they win, those with profits will be subject to clawback provision just like Madoff profiteers.

    You cannot profit from fraud in the US and not be held liable to the victims.

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    • You cannot be held liable? Sure they can be held liable. Do you read this dribble or just spout it nonsensically (then reply to yourself)?

      You made two statements connected by AND.
      1) cannot profit from fraud (and usually in this country it is innocent until proven guilty, but we've dispensed with so many laws under your beloved Obama Administration, I'm sure that one doesn't matter to you either).


      2) you can not be held liable to victims.

      If people did something wrong, and IF here are victims, then SURE the people who committed crimes can be held liable. Unfortunately, nothing has even been alleged by the DOJ let alone proven, but who cares about all that proof and due process nonsense, just kill the patients now right?

    • A1, the second law firm has already piled on even before tomorrow. So the CEO is going to fend off the SEC, the DOJ, the lawyers, do more studies on adults to try and drum up more business, start studies on peds patients to try and drum up business, expand by four fold their COMPASS origanization, and run the day to day actives all the while trying to get the company profitable within the next year. And like he said he wants to expand fast because when he talked to other orphan company CEO' s they said if they had to do it all over again they would have expanded faster. And he is "data-driven.". t

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