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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Mar 10, 2014 8:46 AM Flag

    Censored/Arthur did you short again?

    Just wondering about the nice uptick for no reason. You can't have shorted though, as you claimed your last short completely wiped you out, retirement and all.

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    • Again you look out of touch. What rally are you talking about? And you double talk, you are down on me because I've said bad things about your stock....the truth, and yet you say that you and others have been out most of your stock before it went down and you are going to be piling back in again. So if you did sell you gave a no confidence vote to the company. Just like the architect. He said it was going to 1200 up to even 6400, but he had to sell for "other" reasons. Gee if I really thought a stock was going to 6400.....I'd find a way to wait. You find a way to be right by being off topic.....why don't you tell me about why your team didn't win the World Series, but that you picked the BS Red Sox all along. t

    • You don't know too much about lipids like I said. The big move up on Friday was the market not knowing too much about lipids either. The market thought that with the trouble that PCSK9 inhibitors may have in regards to more FDA hurdles to jump over that would give juxta an advantage. When in reality the two classes won't compete. For the most part PCSK9 inhibitors will do little to lower LDL in HoF patients as there are little or no LDLr receptors to shift upward, and juxta won't be used for HeF patients unless they do further studies which will take as long or longer than if PCSK9 inhibitors could be approved for HoF. So the big run up was a wall street mistake, not a tremendous approval for upcoming "profits" from the one drug wonder company that says it is in the business of treating orphan diseaseSSS. t

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