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  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Mar 29, 2014 6:14 PM Flag

    We've said this all along, and now someone else agrees with us:

    Just read this paragraph. Mr. Beer is a genius at hiding the truth and twisting info. He states as expected they were no longer give up-to-date metrics? He understands that the investor wants transparency and thus that is why he will no longer go back to the previous metrics??? What kind of sense does that make???

    What Investors Don't Know Can Hurt Them

    One of the red flags we noted during the Q IV 2013 investors conference call was a statement by CEO, Marc Beer, that management's goal is to provide top line revenue results but not the lomitapide prescription and patient metrics needed to understand the top line. The following quote is from a transcript of the conference call:

    "As you know, our goal has been to move away from providing detailed lomitapide prescriptions and patient metrics and shift focus to our top line revenue guidance, with revenue results serving as the best barometer of our business. We do understand though, however, that the investor desire to have more visibility into the business. So I do not plan to go back necessarily to the detailed metrics that we laid out in the first half of '13, nor do I plan on revisiting metrics for each of our quarterly calls this year."

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    • How can anyone give that info a thumb's down? A shareholder won't want to know how many new prescirptions are out there?? They don't want to know simple patient metrics, that would all of five minutes to report?? A thumb's down on that?? I guess that person would like to have even further cloaking of what the company is doing and just sit back and wait for that 6400 share price like the big three here have noted. t

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      • Who is "We"?

        I see you are parroting the points from the Geoinvesting's "article" which is full of information which was ALREADY KNOWN!

        Geoinvesting are kind of like Citron. Preload short, then come out with a *gasp* article of information the public already knew, then cover when the shares take a knee-jerk dive.

        Like someone on twitter said, it's penny stock frontloading but on a much larger scale. The market has spoken and bought the dive. and Geoinvesting has covered on Friday. Long from here.

        You're just a dumb short grasping at straws. That's why there's a thumbs down.

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