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  • vvusforme71 vvusforme71 Apr 2, 2014 8:26 PM Flag

    Why can short sellers publish manipulating garbage

    Self serving short sellers publishing articles on Seeking suckers should be banned from Yahoo. Innocent investors may mistake this propaganda as real and not for what it is, manipulation for self profit.

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    • There is clear evidence the blog "author" front loaded shorts before releasing that article. Isn't that $AEGR stock manipulation (punishable by law)?

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      • Where is your "clear" evidence. Don't think so. Like the old Gomer Pyle show when Sargent Carter said to someone, "We'll just like Pyle and nature take its course." Like the tree falling in the woods and wiil it make a noise if no hears, will the lawsuits and punishments make any difference if AEGR doesn't make any money or isn't hear? t

      • The real rigging of data and emotions comes from the AEGR side. Joseph Swartz and Ms. Yang who paid for a study and tried to pass it off as a scientific poll of which lipid lowering agent lipidologists would prefer. The other variable that will rise to the top is the real action of the drug. In the original study 62% were on Aphereses. Also, everyone's fat intake was closely watched. In that study the average dose given was north of 20mg per day. At the present time, in the real world the average dose is between 5 and 10 mg. a far cry from the study where got 20 mg or higher, 62% got Aphereses, they had a dietian watching their every fat intake move, they had JS an analyst and also investor involved in the company, and Ms. Yang "published" her scientific survey. There are 535 Americans on the drug at this time......several with an LDL as low or lower than 180, and Europe won't put up with that. Patients wiil have to undergo genotyping, and the price won't be tolerated over there like it is here. More bad news coming down the pike. t

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