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  • tnorman61 tnorman61 Apr 4, 2014 8:18 AM Flag

    a secondary offering would further dilute our shares,

    Maybe so. But an influx of capital would have enabled AEGR
    to buy one or two promising bio-tech companies
    or perhaps gain licensing agreements with underfunded
    companies with FDA approved medications.
    I took a fairly large position in ECYT after it more than doubled
    as a result of an approved medication.
    The price targets were significantly higher than actual price.
    However, the company unexpectedly announced a secondary.
    Obviously the shares declined. Now they are recovering and I continue
    to believe I'll do well.

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    • No secondary is needed. They have $126.23M cash on hand and are about to flip from losses to profits this year meaning, they may decrease the cash on hand slightly but then they start ADDING to the cash. No secondary, no dilution, just profit$.

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      • No secondary is needed if AEGR stays where it is now. But the CEO is going to keep on doing studies to find more adults, and with his big ego has stated the are going to surveys on peds patients.......that's children to you. Next step will be to try and pull off a similar trick with an single armed small study in children that won't work this time with the FDA. A study of the magnitude required to meet FDA approval will cost about $70 to $100 million to conduct. Add on to that legal fees for defending Mr. Beer with the FDA, possible penalties from the FDA, the legal fees from dealing with the Brazilian government, legal fees in dealing with twelve different law firms, and ......probably legal fees when it is discovered that there are other places on this earth where there are going to be further bribery charges before things get cleaned up. Add on top of that the chance that they won't turn a profit as quick as you think......they haven't made one revenue estimate yet so that isn't an outlandish statement. On top of that the average patient on juxta is only on 5 to 10mg per and thus the ridiculous study overstated the LDL lowering......different in the real world. But you would know, you're the self-righteous ranger.......halt-the-ranger.....that brings a smile every time I read that, like Neidemeir in Animal House. t

    • More money is always nice, but small companies like $ISIS have 6x the cash and big pharma companies have the cash and the leverage to buy as well. There just aren't a lot o solid targets out there right now (other than $AEGR) in my opinion. $AEGR needs to talk more about its other drug candidate. I'll agree with you, they should acquire or develop another drug candidates soon too.

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