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  • aniustudent aniustudent May 22, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Matt BerryBashWang Has STOCKholm Syndrome...

    Wow - halt_the_ranger - that really stuck a nerve with "Matt Berry" in your last post. I knew "Matt" who constantly rattles on and on about being not anonymous was clearly and anonymous character who had a least one split personality: Jetmanbash. However, now you reveal he is actually AdamWang and has 6 different aliases. It's really not that surprising, but thanks for uncovering more of the sad shorters story. I guess we've pinpointed what we already knew - where he gets his few occasional thumbs up (from Sybil's other profiles, of course). So as I guessed, Matt BerryBashWang lost all of his money in $OGXI and then $ISIS. Now, as I've said, he has STOCKholm syndrome. This stock has hurt him so much ...and he just can't let go.

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    • You also are a liar as you never worked at ISIS and you don't know the initials of the head of toxicology. And you are confused. You don't like the management but you love the stock.......kind of violates stock investing 101. Good luck with your tweener strategy. t

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      • Good luck to you too, Matt BerryBashWang. I pointed-out to your other personality (Matt Berry) that he forgot to make his another personalities/IDs angry too, when he was exposed for having about six of them, including you -jetmanbash- all coming from the same determined location. Again, sorry for your gigantic losses in $OGXI, which you tweeted about and then the horrible move to $ISIS thereafter (when it crashed too). I know you could only be left with schadenfreude now, but it least you're not alone - you have 5 other personalities with you. Those long-term studies looking for "abnormal growths" again for $ISIS Kynamro patients should be interesting, eh? Sleep well, BerryBashWang.

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