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  • halt_the_ranger halt_the_ranger May 27, 2014 6:03 AM Flag

    Goldman comically rates AEGR a sell due to competition

    Goldman rates AEGR a sell based "competition" that will limit their growth. Competition from who/where? There is only one other drug on the market and IT DOESN'T WORK. True it's cheaper, but that's because IT DOESN'T WORK. Goldmen blew this one completely.

    They could have at least gone with AdamWang/JetManBash and said the market was smaller than projected, but instead they invented some fictitious "competition" that doesn't exist.

    Clearly AEGR is out of favor with institutional investors, falling 70% from the high! but the rationale just makes Goldman look stupid.

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    • I'd abandon AEGR really, they are a one trick pony, and really mipo will slowly erode some of their share and they will struggle. It isn't a matter of them getting patients, it is how many patients are there out there and time is against them with competitors. I'd bug out Ranger, or at least reduce my exposure. From old rival to old rival it isn't the best biotech out there. But good luck if you do hold. t

    • Halt-the-Rancor, you are quite the arrogant fellow. GS made a huge mistake and you know all the variables as to why they made that decision? ZAP3 still coming and the stock is caving in before it is even here. GS has many more reliable resources than you do. We'll have to see. You have all of this anger because you bought this stock and thought you could sit on the couch will the money just rolled in up to 1200 per share. Look in the mirror before you call GS anything. t

    • Goldman attacks and the stock goes up. It's reputation proceeds itself.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You didn't mention the anti-pcsk9 drugs. Goldman said that AEGR faces "competition from anti-PCSK9 antibodies." Goldman also said that AEGR faces "hurdles" -- which may refer to the DOJ investigation in the USA and the anti-bribery investigation in Brazil, not to mention AEGR's recent setbacks in trying to enter international markets before the anti-PCSK9 drugs enter the field.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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