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  • seabiscuit505 seabiscuit505 Apr 12, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    The CEO is sucking out 600K in cash and won't but stock? No insider buying by the CEO ?

    Did anyone see the proxy on the SEC site? This failure CEO is now stealing scarce funds from the coffers while being rewarded for his total ineptitude? Where is the comp. committee? Why isn't Mooney buying stock at .72? More than a poor message here. Go to the SEC site. Astounding- See the proxy filing

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    • I tried to warn them!! Mooney is a thief, plain and simple. He will be sure this R/S is enacted 1/10 then have his pals get rich pummeling it back to ZERO leaving all these poor slobs with nothing wondering #$%$ happened! Bankruptcy won''t be far behind.
      And these guys are of equal blame.......
      Robert F. Doman
      Vincent D. Enright
      William F. Grieco
      James F. Smith

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Wrong schmuck.He has no hard $ in the company. Not an ounce of sweat equity. The inept CEO has destroyed shareholder value.Everyone hates him.He can no longer lead. He buried everyone and now he has buried himself. All his free underwater stock options are worthless. He is a in an ivory tower. He won't step up to the plate? Stock won't get an uptick until he does.How can anyone trust anything he says? Aegis? That's a bucket.Everyone knows that. He burnt all his bridges. I was a big supporter at one time. Have never seen a CEO self-destruct like this. How can the BOD not see what any 12 year old see? He is selfish and greedy and everyone goes down unless he goes.KISS- Keep it simple stupid

    • Get your facts straight before posting complete #$%$ on the board #$%$ Mooney is by far the largest shareholder at 2,025,000 stocks.

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