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  • razortruth2001 razortruth2001 May 1, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    A Reverse Split is a Death Knell

    Cynical managements have reverse splits so they can give the appearance of a scarcity of shares, a low shares outstanding figure. Then they ramp in special options or payment by shares or share offerings, all highly dilutive actions to the previous common shareholders...that's you. This management is a special case of greed gone wild. The salaries these guys are taking out of ECTE's coffers are shockingly greedy when you consider the backwards progress of ECTE. Something is very wrong and sick here. Stop the reverse split. Roll back the overly greedy compensation of people who work or are connected to ECTE, and then get focused on getting the European and USA trials on schedule and primed for a positive consideration by these regulatory bodies. If there is good news, I'm not adverse to having management paid handsomely for success. But I'm not going to endorse management raiding ECTE's scarce coffers before any good news has arrived, decimating common shareholders in the process.

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