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  • seabiscuit505 seabiscuit505 Jun 8, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    Others please weigh in on Patrick Mooney's stewardship

    Oh yeah I forgot. Why did this clown recently payback the $3,000,00 loan to his biggest supporter Plat/ Montaur and now do back to back to back bucket shop deals with Aegis all at step down levels into a hole?
    Was it because he was hearing some footsteps and seeks only self preservation aka his own 600k outlandish salary? Oh, yeah... he is cute... but where is the compensation committee who blindly pays him all of the precious shareholder money for such non performance? The stock is down 90%- Why didn't they finance at $4, $3,$2 ? Answer: Clueless Pat was at the helm- He must go now-The entire BOD is corrupted and asleep- Let's see... payback the Montaur debt, send out a proxy detailing your $600,000 salary, sign up Aegis to do penny deals with low end flippers and then tell everyone how hard you are working. Where is the common sense? How could this be happening? Where is the SEC ?

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    • Pat Mooney's only interests are himself and his family, his house, his car, etc. He doesn't give a hoot about anyone unless you serve a purpose that will benefit him. The BOD is pretty much non-existent, but you know that already...why they think they need Mooney is beyond me. I think that they must be kept in the dark, or given little information - and the fact that they don't ask for any is amazing - if they did, they would surely act. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the BOD has turned a blind eye to his stewardship...

      If he was respected, investors would be knocking down the door to get in! Instead, he has to go to a bucket shop, Aegis, to get the deal done - he put Aphton into bankruptcy, and now he's working on destroying Echo.
      SOMEONE PLEASE GET RID OF HIM before he ruins Echo before they ever get off the ground!

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    • seabiscuit, I am interested in filing a shareholder fraud lawsuit with you. Please email me at tooncat111 at the yahoo email.

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    • BTW, you can file a shareholder claim at the SEC website on page 1. Good luck with that though.

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