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  • cntcd2 cntcd2 Jun 14, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    The worst is over. Time to get on board

    I hate what just happened but if you step back and try not to be emotional, with the RS and financing behind us, there should be a steady stream of good news ahead including American Diabetes meeting later this month, start and completion of EU trial, finalization of US PMA protocol and start of that trial, possible partner .... Hold your nose and get on board.

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    • I agree, so I picked up some more yesterday.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Scoop me off the floor, please, someone. An actual voice of reason shows up on this board, and can spell and use grammar properly all at the same time!

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      • hack, you have nothing to add to any post except critique of the other posters. You're like my grandmother, who was an english professor. I doubt you even own shares in this company. Why not just go the hell away?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • I'm tempted to get my feet wet again. But with a huge cash burn of 5.1M per Q, They barely raised 2 Qs of cash, yet diluted 60% to raise it. They may need to raise cash again even before the EU trial results are in, to insure cash doesn't run out like it almost did this Q. I'm not sure where the SP goes from here. Temporarily, once the financing deal closes, we'll probably get a pop, but investors may be back in this situation again 4- 5 months out.

    • I agree. Some on this board thing a company with no way of generating revenue does not need money for trials. They haven't done the best job, but some very near gains are on the horizon. This secondary is being bought up quickly. A couple more positive updates and this will be back to the R/S level in no time and ready to start pushing up to the double digits.

      Which I know is still way low considering they just did a 10/1 split, but it's going to get there with very little.

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      • bigcire, thanks for the comments. Just one point of clarification - the secondary is done and will probably close next week. All of the shares being traded today are separate from the offering and just open market purchases by people like us that think the stock will be moving up after the huge downdraft this week. Based on the high volume there could be some activity from the secondary purchasers who didn't get their full allocations and are filling out their positions at these depressed prices. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the shorts were in there today as well covering their positions way to easily as the emotional sellers handed them their gains.

      • I agree that their offering is moving quickly; over 2,000,000 in volume. That is a big day even pre R/S. I also agree that they have not done a good job. In fact a shi$$y job of managing money since the $0.95 offering and losing the Platinum financing. My vote is to get someone else in charge of the money. Keep PM but get him the hell away from the money.

        Sentiment: Hold

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