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  • akak99567 akak99567 Dec 5, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    If this is not a once in a life time opportunity, what else?

    The stock ha slost most of its gain since the run up on the positive result announce just a week ago as if it is a non event.
    The fact is, there is no other device in the whole world that competes with what ECTE has, to serve a humongous unmet market .
    The technology alone could bring ECTE hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in royalty.
    That's the fundamental.
    Technically, it is impossible for this stock to drop below the price before last week's milestone.
    I see ECTE at $20 a year from now.

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    • Look at it from an investor's perspective. A week ago,we were waiting for results, expecting positive results and submission for approval. One week later, after results were released, we've been informed by lifetech that the commercialization will be delayed and another trial is required. So from an investors perspective, we've gone from waiting for results and then near term submission and approval to now waiting for device changes, another trial and additional dilution. If Lifetech is correct about a new trial, investors are not better off than they were a week ago. If Lifetech is wrong about a new trial, there is now added risk that the issues found during the trial could results in a rejected device and still the need for a new trial before resubmission.

    • Awesome device. But. I fear there is some wrangling going on between management and PM which has nothing whatsoever to do with the device, but may seriously erode the sp. Hold and buy when much lower.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Guys like you were pumping the same stupidity when ECTE was $5 last week.
      Once in a lifetime! Great buy! Can't go down from here! Going to $20.
      It's back to where it started for good reason. The secondary is about to bury the stock in pain.
      GLTY you will need it

    • The device is amazing....It placed on your body and get your glucose readings right off your cell phone app. I hope it comes through. I will buy it for sure. :-)

      Sentiment: Hold

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