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  • kgrichard5 kgrichard5 Apr 9, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Does anyone know the available float?

    I have 37 million OS, 40% insider and 30% institutional. The float on the source had N/A. Obviously, it is relatively small for biotech land, which is why material PR's can move the stock so dramatically. TIA

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    • Back of the napkin math:

      37M OS times 40% held by insiders means they hold about 15M shares (presumably not in the float)
      Institutions and Mutual Funds own 48% of available float (according to Yahoo) so that takes another 11M or so out of circulation (unless, of course, they are buying/selling on a given day). Does that give us approximately 11M in actual float?

      Corrections or clarifications welcome!

    • King,
      I've been trying to find that out, as well. 30% institutional ownership for this stage of the game is huge! And, the insiders at 40%? Almost unheard of, too!

      I've decided just to hold 'em!!

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      • I like the prospects of ACRX here, however please proceed with caution.

        Affymax was 91% institutional ownership and 4% insiders before the implosion. Mutual Funds boosted Affymax from $6 all the way to $28 before caca hit the fan.

        They were all caught with the hands in the cookie jar outbidding each other left and right for shares.

        They all got trapped. I know Yahoo's % ownership is slightly dated but guess how many shares are held by mutual funds today. You guessed it, Zero. They were forced to sell once the par-$4-$5 price range collapsed.

        Luckily I had shares from $16 and more at $18 and bailed at $23 and $21 before the crater.

        Big guys don't always win, even though they act like they do.

        Nothing is promised in medical/biotechs.

        Sentiment: Buy

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