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  • bioshyt bioshyt Aug 16, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    acrx sees the mid 4's before this sell off has run it's course

    that just takes acrx back to where it was trading in april. the whole market is about to get crushed, but speculative bio plays that don't have an fda approved product will get absolutely destroyed. institutions will unload stocks like acrx first and at any price.

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    • Quit smoking foreign substances. This not a speculative biotech anymore. Nice try though!

    • Yeah, back to the $4s before trial results were stellar, before huge insider buying in the mid-8s, before we raised nearly $50M at $11.65. Obviously, we attracted some short attention, along with hedging/arbitrage by our new investors, add in a mini-market correction/meltdown, and voila, the shorts get to make $$ on this for a change. But, for you to insist that institutions will unload at any cost is absurd. I made the mistake of lightening up some on my TSRX the day BEFORE the buyout news and cut my profit on the takeout by half. Also, didn't have my full load of OSIR the day of their news, either and that reduced profits. So, this walkdown isn't scaring us who have been in this SINCE the 4s ... nope, I'm raising some $$ and will take what this market gives me here while we wait on NDA filing, and EU partner. They're coming ... oh, and what would shorts do if they woke up one morning and ACRX had gone bye-bye!!? So, have at 'er ... with a name/i.d. like yours, well, it speaks volumes, if I might say!

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      • Great point Minnesota, with all of the Insider buying that occurred around $9.00, I think we are gonna see an announcement of an EU partnership Sooner rather than later. I see none of the Insiders are selling anything, they know what they have here...... I actually hope the share price stays low enough for me to buy Bucco when my TSRX is paid......

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    • We're not that stupid to buy what you're selling. LOL
      Let's Ride!

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    • Your Dreaming Shortie, you need to go elsewhere Bud......You must know nothing about this company, it's product lines and Management, Bye, Bye....

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      • I've read your reply as well as all of the replies above. none of the replies adequately refute the original position.

        this is a development stage bio --- to say other wise is not correct.
        what he is talking about is a major market drop and in a major market drop everything goes down and yes speculative stocks drop the most. will it go to 4 like he says -- you don't know, he doesn't know -- no one knows what would happen.

        the key question is -- will there be a major market correction in the next 10 weeks.

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