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  • trigger_finger2 trigger_finger2 Sep 25, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

    Trigger's Reality check thread

    Whoa boy, look at all of these sloppy thoughts that have no merit. 90% based on emotion and posting what they want vs what is fact. Lets start with the facts (for those few of us that appreciate facts)

    1. There are 3 trading days left to submit NDA prior to end of quarter. (Stay with me). Thursday = 1. Friday = 2. Monday = 3. Any questions?

    2. The company has not missed any previous deadlines, I imagine they will work all weekend if necessary to make their deadline. Those of you saying 20% pop when we were over 11 are fools with money (albeit less money now).

    3. NDA will come as a relief for anyone that isn't an institutional investor. Submitting NDA does not lower risk, its just a milestone. (I'll save the more studied players from repeating myself for the ten thousandth time) Institutional investors/money managers will yawn with me at some point this week/early next week.

    I have insulted a few of the many lower IQ posters here. Ask me if I care. I promised myself I will not read this board first thing in the morning going forward. Just amazes me how stupid some of you are, and have the audacity to share your thoughts with the world. Read what you say and scratch your head with me.

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    • This guy is ex military living in Mexico, his wife left because she couldn't fold a wash cloth and he told her 10X. He is a control freak and vacuums his living room 4X each day. He grills snails, scorpions, and lizards, and drinks from a cactus. He is actually long ACRX for 126 shrs. He gets so excited, telling every fool how dumm they are. LOLOL, it is so funny all the time wasting and eloquent writing love letters. Now get busy with DD triggie, and bring this bear a new stock that is ready to go moon-walking.

    • Last post to you. Ignorant and pompous are just a few words coming to mind to describe you. We won't be wasting our time any longer on someone who has mental issues. You obviously have access to the computer at the asylum. You are on ignore and I hope everyone on this board does the same so you can live in the darkness of your mind. What a scary place.

    • Trigger---- I am smarter than you, richer than you, and happier than you. Don't ever insult Minnesota. I have very fond memories. I met a Swedish girl in Minnesota. We went camping on the North shore of lake Superior. Scandinavian people in beautiful places doing beautiful things. Then we spent a summer in Sweden/Norway hiking and fishing in the mountains. All stemming from Minnesota. Ahhhh..... Minnesota.

      • 3 Replies to patchen76
      • Oh, Patch...was that YOU? (wink, wink)!!

        Yes, you have to be able to comprehend the Minnesota Experience for what it is, and for some that is beyond their ability!

        You, along with some others here, obviously "get it"!!

        BTW ... you guys are hilarious!

      • Oh my Dear Patchen, I got a news flash for you. I don't care what you want to claim or what happened for you in Minnesota. Anybody that lives there through the 8 - 9 months of #$%$ weather they get is a #$%$ in my book. (My book, my opinion, although I am sure there is a high percentage that will agree with me). So you skate out of any point I made (per usual on this low IQ board). As far as your intelligence, your wealth, or your "happiness" well you can make all the claims you want. Based on your posts here, your intelligence is not reflected in your writing. You make opinion based posts on things you want to happen, skirting the facts. Regarding your wealth, you have no idea what anyone has. Anyone can say anything. Lets say you had 100,000 shares here, hopefully that isn't 80% of your wealth, that would make you stupid. Good luck today folks, most of you will need it.

      • soho_riots Sep 26, 2013 8:15 AM Flag

        ...And you just caused him to have a coronary.

    • Delusions of grandeur ... Party of one?

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