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  • epritske epritske Oct 22, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Trigger where is the report?

    We need this report to stop the bleeding....On a side note I spoke with CFO Jim Welch and was very encouraged by my conversation. Fully funded until 2015 so no dilution or capital raise as some like to call it. EU partnership discussions ongoing. The 10 minute conversation was very positive with many questions answered.

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    • Wow, trigger why say something if you are not going to follow thru??

    • Well funded I guess but if the stock goes down from $10.50 to $6 doesn't that hurt or do they keep the monies in an account at $10.50 and don't play with it except for expenses. I guess there going it a lone with a possible EU partnership because discussions are always on going with everybody, even this board. I find it interesting that U can just phone the dude up considering Ur an investor and all, so he just happens to be there as luck might have it. I'm going to phone tomorrow from Canada and see how easy it is and discuss a Canadian partnership.

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      • ambiance,
        The $$ in the bank has no correlation to stock price ... it's like you having $50,000 in the bank and your home price falls. One doesn't affect the other. Don't they look brilliant raising money at $11 and change? I know all about the woulda, coulda, shouldas, but in hindsight had I simply held some of my picks from the days buying them on the cheap, through all the fits and starts, ups and downs, I'd be a wealthy woman today. Hell, I had NFLX at $19 and CMG at $40 ... PIR (when folks were screaming bankruptcy at .50) ... so as hard as it is to swallow, if we've done our DD and not been blinded by hype, the trials don't lie and there shouldn't be any other issues with the FDA ... short term, it looks like a lot of us got played by the SA articles and bio-bubble environment. Have to agree with Trigger here ... can't think short term! And, you don't think the recent blow-ups in biotechs due to letters from the FDA, denials, etc. has helped "whomever" bring this price down to $7? It's a tough game, for sure!!

    • what number did you call?

    • the CFO has time to talk to small investors ???? amazing !

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