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  • whogo70 whogo70 Oct 28, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    Whats to prevent a patient accumulating nanotabs & taking all of them at

    one time? You can't save do that with a PCA.

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    • Gee this is something prescribed in the hospital post surgery right?
      And even if it were to be prescribed for home use, does it not come with instructions and from the doctor who prescribed it? You abuse the drug, you are liable, I like to think of it as an aspect of Darwin's theory of cleaning the gene pool, you should overdose on them once they are on the market "nurse anesthetist"

    • I forgot to mention that I'm a nurse anesthetist by profession so I know more about this area of pain management then all of you put together so don't discount my question.

    • Go back to your Cave Shortie........

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    • Whogo... Purely anecdotal, but in 2002 I underwent total knee replacement of my right knee. The post operative pain is significant. I was connected to a PCA and, as I waited for each time interval where I could push the button to activate the release of the next dose of morphine, I listened to other surgical patients moaning or crying out from adjacent rooms (some for several hours). The suggestion that patients would stoically forego pain relief for hour's so that they could stack the dosage would be extraodinarily improbable. It also erroneously assumes that the recovery process is unsupervised by medical staff.

      The nanotab has been designed to adhere to the mucosa and be absorbed quickly. It has also been designed to inhibit the production of saliva, to minimize ingestion and allow the sufenatil to enter the blood stream directly.

    • I've read this argument several times here. This logic makes no sense. What's to stop accumulation of any drug..ridiculous. You have to do better than that. What is to stop your from going to the store and taking a whole bottle of Tylenol...taking all your prescribed antibiotics...xanax...that are administered at home...without controls? Not only is this wrong it is a stupid attempt to cast doubt on a safe alternative to IV pain management.

    • Whats preventing people from drowning themselves in a bathtube? Do you want to outlaw bathtubs?

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