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  • gogspn4ver gogspn4ver Oct 28, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Please, don't kid your self with company trading at $7 as like would be holding something special.

    If this would be such gem this stock would let you know but longer you will hold on , more money you will lose and worse yet, those who will average down will lose even more.
    If you really want to do best for you , you would sell now and if you still would believe in company buy near or at or under $6 which is definitely coming . This company with this latest filing is one of or maybe even weakest what they came up with. Under the tongue pill? Do you even realize the potential danger of this patient would go right after surgery? This alone screams for CRL and the way it is going I am more and more confident this latest drug will be not even admitted for consideration.
    Look what has happened to AMRN, or to like NQ where all were so stupidly bullish even warning signs were flashing at every corner. Those so called investors got what they asked for.
    It is easy to prove I have been short there since mid 18's as I was telling them this NQ smells like Fraud to me and oh boy, what I got names from all of the. Now they are all gone.
    Please, do not be like them because I am not making mid seven digit profit there just because they called me basher and all zoo types of names.... I feel sorry for such so called investors.

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    • There's usually at least one guy like this on every board. He no doubt works for a short-side trading desk. His job is to scare you into selling when there is no reason to. That's how he makes his money. The more investors net sell and the lower the price goes, the more he and his firm makes.

      There has been no news that would justify this price drop. Every stock sometimes has the perfect storm of shorts, panicky retail, and/or a large holder repositioning. When the storm passes the price can just as easily return to 10 as fast as it came down to 7. I'm an investor on this one so I'm going to hold until something material develops to otherwise change my mind. Just my 2 cents. GLTA

    • In our country there's a saying... "A fool and his money are soon parted." Anyone who would base their investment decisions on your bashing would indeed be a fool. Unfortunately you won't find them on this message board. We know what we have... each of us are vastly more informed that you are of AcelRx's product line and growth potential.

      Oh, and there's one more saying I want to share with you. It is..... "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You write like a Nigerian Scammer, and act like one too ! Do you also write letters saying you are the President of Benin, and have an inheritance for unsuspecting old men or crippled? Please, Please take your Rantings Elsewhere.......

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Obviously, English is not your first language! In what country is your little boiler room located?

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