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  • rxkell rxkell Mar 17, 2014 7:14 PM Flag

    keep listining to the kitty

    it will zlcs you eventually. beware the bad bio advice -- it know not what it speaks.

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    • most of the stocks that Kitty touches turn into gold -look at her track record. Yes not all stocks turn out to be great but who has a 100% track record? your argument makes not sense, it is pointless pointing out certain stocks that do not perform, you need to look at the total portfolio. Why don't you present your statement to any investment company and see what you say. Also I am not sure what this has to do with ACRX, read their presentations and do you DD and find how remarkable their management and products are.

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    • I feel just the opposite.
      Kitty is my trading edge in bio.
      I only wish she would be a bit more forceful in her best picks, with highest degree of success.
      Any bio can blow up and cost us all money, but Kitty loses to when that happens.
      I would be no where as successful picking winners as I have been without her.

    • I'm appalled by the stupidity of all you pathetic trolls.. You gnats aren't even worth swatting. You blame Kitty for your lack of Due Diligence?? Kitty posts her opinions, she doesn't promote or pump any company she invests in. Same goes for Patch. These guys have held positions in a multitude of biotechs, and probably pay more in taxes than you fools make in a lifetime. Obviously they're are going to be a few apples that go sour.. but this is the bio wild west. Get used to it!

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    • I got 4000 LJPC for $9 and sold them for $17. Is that bad, I can't help it if the float turned over at $17, so it could only go down (that is from experience)? Wow, you really don't know how to do this do you? I can't help it if you have to focus on the past with such anger, instead of learning how to do this properly. Maybe in time you will make something?

    • I also have big gains on POZN (entry before dividend), SUPN. You want to short those, fool? Look at OCLS now, LOL, you think everything is bought near the highs. I get in cheap long positions. Short trades don't pay as well as a correct well placed long buy. SNTS from $3's to $32. BOOM. ACRX and RMTI I've been buying since last summer ($4's and $5's). My ave ACRX is under $8. Whats wrong with better than 50% in under 1 year?

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    • SNTS, TSRX (buyout before approval), ACRX now are huge ones for me. We made and are making sacks of cash. It's all about position sizing and timing. I thought the beetles rolled you away, StillDung, what happened, are there many dukeyballs rolling around?

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