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  • pentech50 pentech50 May 15, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    Little blue tabs falling out of the mouth

    So ACRX can't guarantee that groggy patients after major surgery will be able to self administer the device properly. If they don't then little blue tabs will be all over the place - on the sheets, under the bed, on the face,chest etc. It's a completely ridiculous concept and will be chucked out by the FDA.

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    • So how many years have you worked in a recovery room? Let me guess NONE. No patient too groggy to self administer will have the device in the first place. Secondly the device does not spit out little blue tabs every time a patient wants one. The dose and frequency of administration have a lockout to prevent overdose. I don't know why I'm even bothering to respond to your post you're a freaking idiot. Btw I gave anesthesia for 35 years and I assure you this is exactly the type of product the FDA is looking for.

    • Being one of those "groggy patients" after major surgery several times, I can assure you I could have held it up to my mouth and pushed the button, then hold a quickly melting tablet under my tongue. Besides a nurse would be present to show me how the first time. If a patient can manage an IV pump, this is just as easy.

    • What about a tablet of percocet or vicodin, doofus? How does a messed up patient take that by mouth, how much of that goes on black market. Tablets can only dispense after 20 min. If patient is so messed up they can't get thumb in reader then nothing will be dispensed. Not all surgeries have the type patient you talk of, maybe those on CCU would use some other form. This is for patients that may ambulate more quickly and has many advantages as seen in company presentations.

    • Of course during the trials the patients were being observed. In a normal situation they won't be and tabs are going to be everywhere and nobody will know whether the patient has taken the drug or not. It is supposed to go under the tongue. Not that easy if you're groggy. Perhaps patients should attend college for a week prior to surgery so that they can master the dispenser. A ridiculous idea that has no chance of approval IMHO.

    • And a genius like you was the first to figure it out despite years of clinical trials That is the joke of the day!

    • Oh, the humanity. Blue tablets everywhere. Doctors and nurses drowning in a river of nanotabs from groggy patients who can't raise their hands to their mouths without blasting Zalviso all over the place.

      Haha honestly I'm not sure if that post is a joke or not, but for the benefit of anyone that hasn't read up on the trial results, they did test patient and nurse satisfaction associated with the system as a whole. In that they found 67% of nurses responded that they were 'highly satisfied' with the device versus 39% responding the same in the control group. In fact, go to page 12 of the current corporate presentation (on the Investors section of their website). Zalviso scored better [w statistical significance of

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Geez ,I guess they can`t feed themselves either, right? Are they all on IV`s from post-op to release for hydration nourishment and pain too ? People aren`t that messed up after surgery. and if they were zalviso just would not be prescribed. Simple as that.

    • soho_riots May 15, 2014 11:22 AM Flag

      If the FDA had any concerns, they would have required an ADCOM. The fact that there is no ADCOM tells you all that you need to know about the risk here.

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