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  • jtrader_iw jtrader_iw Feb 8, 2011 10:30 AM Flag

    LFBG Hires Helmut Teichert as Executive Director of MyPraize Social Network

    "I trust Teichert will attract the kind of investment needed to advance LFBG to be the $150 million cap company the Christian marketplace demands they be."

    I swear this truly is the delusional "investors" homepage. Do you know how you get to be a company with a market cap of 150 million dollars? You sell 75 to 100 million dollars worth of profitable product per year. Do you know how you get to be a 1.5 million dollar market cap company? You do what Left Behind has done to date.

    LFBG currently, and may never qualify for a major market. Go to the Nasdaq website to see what those requirements are if you believe me to be wrong. On the positive side, you were right about one thing, the reverse split will happen. Just not for the reason you want!

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    • "I swear this truly is the delusional "investors" homepage."

      I couldn't agree more. And if you think this board is bad just take a look at all of the dreamers over at the I-Hub board. Good Lord!

      Did you notice today's PR (just like all of the other PRs) didn't mention anything about how Troy intends to finance this deal.
      We both know how it's being financed.
      Too bad the delusional investors don't.
      How much do you want to bet Troy has the share count well over 5 billion by now.