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  • WHOB007 WHOB007 May 21, 2004 11:57 AM Flag

    Why is RMBS

    DOWN when the markets are up?

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    • Because rmbs is tied up in the courts with 'seemingly' NO END in sight. (hence the drop from $32 to $18)

      Most shareholders don't want to wait a 'year' for the outcome of a court case. They can be funding other investments.

      RMBS has become a 'long-term-hold' and you probably won't see much upside. (even in an up-market)

      The reason that it hasn't dropped to $10 is because they are still a good company who does have the 'upper-hand' in the courts right now.

      If you want to 'hang in there,' just be patient.

      RMBS = hold

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      • Thank you very much for an intelligent answer! Are you working a stop or letting it ride?

      • agree 100%....only reason to be holding here and not selling is if you plan on adding at around 15 which should be probably be pretty strong support barring any negative news.....I'll look at adding around 15 depending on the news climate at the time, which could be as early as the end of next week....disclaimer, I've owned RMBS as high as 145 before selling at 125 on the way down in 2000 and also owned as high as 30 recently..great stock to short term trade, both long and short, although I don't short..

    • Ya know, I had owned Rambus about 3 years ago...bought it at $41...held on to it for a long time through the Infineon case and watched it sink to $4 a share....then it came back to $8 a share, so I cut my losses, which was about 5k. After researching and researching, I put in on again about 4 days ago at $19.21, only to see this turkey sink from that point on! Am I in for another crap shoot?

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