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  • callmevincentplease callmevincentplease Jan 8, 2004 2:35 AM Flag

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    Base on your formula, I would need 5 millions to retire

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    • With my standard of living...driving an "SUV" that gets 10 mpg, enjoying fine wine and food, traveling, goal is $5 mil.

      Figure I make a safe 5% a year from bonds and stocks, thats about $250k. After taxes, I extimate I'll keep about $175k of that.

      Property taxes in my 2 homes cost an arm and a leg...$175k sounds a lot, but not much will be left at the end.

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      • Depending on macro factors, Munis and other tax-exempt bonds can get you about %4.5 a couple years ago, when equities were lower. YOu want to tie up a portfolio of laddered maturity bonds when the rates are high. [and refunding penalties are substantial; you don't want to get called every time rates decline.]Usually, the munis of the state of your own residence are exempt from the tax of your state as well.
        therefore, you can keep NEARLY 250k of you $250k income, or else enjoy the same net income on $3.5M. gluck, rammax

      • You are absolutely correct. What most people do not realize is that they need at least 1,000,000 to retire on any kind of a lifestyle what with ever increasing property taxes and the income tax bite at the state and federal level. People who have spent the last three years at 1% have really put themselves in a hole especially those over 45 years old. You really have to compund your savings at about 15% doubling every 4.6 years to amass any kind of a retirement fund. The only other alternative is to get elected to Congress or be a municipal worker.

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