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    • "PSST... we're not winning the war on terror!"

      Yes...we are!

      U.S.: Al Qaida is 70 percent gone, their 'days are numbered'

      Friday, January 23, 2004
      "The Al Qaida of the 9/11 period is under catastrophic stress," State Department counter-terrorism coordinator Cofer Black said. "They are being hunted down, their days are numbered."

      Black's assertion, made in an interview with the London-based British Broadcasting Corp. on Thursday, is based on U.S. intelligence community estimates that about 70 percent of Al Qaida has been neutralized, officials said.

      Saudi officials agreed with the U.S. assessment and said the kingdom has made significant gains against Al Qaida, Middle East Newsline reported. They said Al Qaida leaders have been arrested and training camps have been discovered.

      U.S. officials said Al Qaida has been rapidly losing its attack capabilities and was relying increasingly on smaller Islamic groups based in Southeast Asia and North Africa. The officials said thousands of Al Qaida operatives have been captured, killed or neutralized, with cells eliminated even in such strongholds as Kuwait and Yemen.
      The intelligence community assessed that Al Qaida was at the height of its strength in mid-2001 with thousands of recruits trained in Afghanistan and other sent abroad as agents and sleepers.

      Good Investing, Ken

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      • nice post Ken.

        my concern is that it leads others into a false sense of secutity. the efforts the article alludes to are simply cutting off the wrong head of the snake. imho.

        the barbaric arab cultures are producing replacements faster than the United States of America can eliminate them. Secretary Rumsfeld's concern is valid. gotta rapidly crush the arab cultures breeding the likes of al qaeda. i'd like to see President George Bush up the pace substantially.

    • "...we're not winning the war on terror!"

      we? what are you doing? nothing i suspect. except whining like a baby. go change your diapers. brave men and women will protect you.

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