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  • noelco_4_me noelco_4_me Mar 16, 2004 12:14 PM Flag

    Deleted Message


    "Obviously you can't recognise a genuine request when you see one - and to think I thought you were genuine!"

    Most people who are serious about asking me questions, simply ask the questions. If it is a good question, others may wish to read it too. I simply don't wish to dedicate the necessary time to conduct private tutorials with you or anyone else who asks that my private e-mail address be sent to their public e-mail address. What kind of goof are you?

    "I guess if you were such a successful trader then you wouldn't need a full time job, lol :-)"

    And yet another person who seems to think that people who are non-productive members of society is a good thing. LOL Is it that you are proud to be unemployed or unemployable?

    "Where's your integrity? Flushed down the toilet no doubt along with any credibility and respect you thought you might have had. "

    Integrity with an unknown chat board poster like you?...yeah...that's what I really seek...LOL

    Good Investing, Ken

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